International Academy

The Ibmec International Academy 2017 is an intensive business course for undergraduate and graduate students, in which the student will have one week of classes during the month of July 2017 at the Ibmec Business School, located in Rio de Janeiro.

It aims to organize the various aspects of business world in a booming country such as Brazil. Covering Financial Markets, Foreign Trade, Law, Logistical aspects and not only through an economic view but from a political perspective.  Given the strength of the country in the sports field, we also offer a course focused on sports management and its business industry.

Programs and courses

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About Brazil and Ibmec

Excelência do Ibmec – Excellence in Business
With over 45 years of experience, Ibmec is one of Brazil’s top business schools. We are distinguished from other institutions as we present a teaching methodology with DNA strongly supported by business, a faculty composed of masters and doctors with market experience, as well as agreements with several leading institutions that provide international experience to students. Ibmec has over 50 different partnerships with non-Brazilian Institutes, receiving and sending around 300 students per year on our exchange programs.

Aspectos Turísticos - Studying in Brazil

When visiting us be amazed by the warmth of Brazilian people and the richness of races. Enjoy our beautiful beaches and landscapes, in contrast to the bustling nightlife.