Our Institutions


Ibmec has two units in Rio de Janeiro: Centro (downtown) and Barra. At both locations, Ibmec offers an infrastructure backed by leading technology to enhance learning with interaction and networking. Its Rio downtown unit is housed in a building registered as a cultural heritage. The Barra unit offers four floors for classrooms, access to services, and a welcoming learning environment. In Rio de Janeiro, Ibmec offers undergraduate and graduate courses, executive education, master’s programs, corporate solutions and extension courses in Business, Engineering, Communication, International Relations and Law.


Ibmec has been in Belo Horizonte since 1991, offering MBA courses, In Company Programs and Extension Courses. Attuned to the expansion of Belo Horizonte and new market needs, in 2001 Ibmec inaugurated its new headquarters and now offers the city residents a varied portfolio which includes undergraduate, graduate and extension courses in Administration, Accounting Sciences, Economic Sciences, Law, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, and International Relations.


Present in the country’s capital since 2008, aligned with its goal to grow with focus on educational excellence and continuous investment in academic quality, and also to assure cutting edge infrastructure at its units, in 2013 Ibmec inaugurated its new headquarters in Brasilia. In Brasilia, Ibmec offers MBA, CBA, Extension and Corporate Solutions courses which offer the extra advantage of the DNA of Business and Law.


Expanding our methodology and creating space for leaders who want to build their own history, in 2017 Ibmec inaugurates its unit in the city of São Paulo, in the prestigious Jardins area, offering in its portfolio prestigious graduate courses in the fields of Management, Business and Law. The new Ibmec São Paulo building is a landmark in the local urban landscape.