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Working proactively to offer quality education committed to the delivery of top quality training, Adtalem Educacional do Brasil arrives in 2009. This Group combines local talent with the more than 85 years of tradition of Adtalem Global Education, aligning the mission of transforming realities through education through the application of best global teaching practices.

Ibmec became part of Adtalem Educacional do Brasil in 2015. With this move, Ibmec, which was already one of the best in the country, receives the support of an internationally recognized higher education provider. The top quality education provided by Ibmec consolidates its international mindset, expanding the offering of exchange and partnering agreements with global institutions and offering more opportunities and experiences to its students. In addition to the credibility and solidness of the Adtalem brand, Ibmec also benefits from investments in infrastructure and cutting edge technology, in line with the group´s global quality standard.

Together with Ibmec, Adtalem Educacional do Brasil serves over 110 thousand students throughout the country, offering education through three different approaches. Learn more:


In operation for over 40 years, Damásio Educacional currently has over 50 thousand students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as preparatory courses for the Bar Exam and for careers in public service. Recognized internationally for its excellent academic reputation.

Focused on offering accessible higher education of top academic quality, the Group is currently formed by 12 institutions around the country, including: ÁREA1, Faci, Facid, Facimp, Fanor, FBV, Faculdade Martha Falcão, Faculdade Ruy Barbosa, Faculdade DeVry João Pessoa, Metrocamp, Faculdade DeVry São Luis and Unifavip.

A prestigious business school, Ibmec becomes part of Adtalem Educacional do Brasil in 2015, combining tradition in teaching with the support of one of the largest international providers of higher education. Preparing its students to own their own destiny, positively impacting a society which is increasingly more global, collaborative and integrated.